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    Default I summon Michael Sweetney TO EMERGE!!!

    This guy need sto step up offesively. He is such a big body this guy should be a problem down low for other teams. He is not aggressive in gaining position. He should running through people in the paint. All he needs is good position. He has a decent post game. He needs to work on his Facing the basket game. He can give the Knicks the Low post presence they really need.

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    all he needs to do is stay out of foul trouble. That's the only factor hodling him back.
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    He will, he's gonna be good no matter wut everyone says, some ppl say hes "not athletic enough" but I believe he will be an excellent player later if not now!
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    I agree, no matter what people mite say Sweetney is our future at the PF position. He is smaller but once he develops hell still be great. hes good right now just not near his full peak yet. He needs to work on conditioning maybe lose a few lbs. so he can run a little faster and stay in for more minutes. His shooting is getting better and hes good inside the paint. he needs to work on foul trouble like you said. I think he will be an inside presence when hes completely ready and has a built up confidence. I like this kid and i think hell be great for us and will begin to show it within the next couple years.

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