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    Default Lenny is NOT at fault

    Everyone needs to stop saying fire Wilkins. WHAT PROBLEM WILL THIS SOLVE? Our problems are a lot deeper than a coach. Yes, I admit that Wilkins does do a few stupid things during a game but bringing in one of his assistants (which is what would happen if Wilkins is fired) for the rest of the season is not worth it.
    In my mind, more of a case should be made about these players who make more per game than the majority of people in the world make per year, and perform half-ass night in and night out. Now of course there are a few players who don't take a night off and realize it is a privilege to play in the NBA (JYD, Moochie). These players really need to be talked about heart and representing the greatest basketball city in the world. I don't know about anybody else in this world but I live and die by the Knicks games. If they loose I am left with a feeling of the deepest disapointment and depression, while if they win I am happy beyond words. I HAVE BEEN DEPRESSED TO MANY TIMES THIS SEASON!
    *~*~The New York Knicks Are The Love Of My Life*~*~

    I LOVE TIM THOMAS!!!YEA....there......I said it

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    Fire a coach is a measure that is very comum in brazilian's soccer.

    every team does that, and never goes well !

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    lenny is not to blame. its isiah for doing no better than his predecessors and giving into the pressures of "win now" mentality that the new york media forces on gm's. when you have a mediocre roster, you will have a mediocre team.

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