i wonder if larry bird would be interested in trading ron artest this season or next (is he even alloed to trade a player who has been suspended for the rest of the season)? how about ron artest for kurt thomas? ron artest is one of the 10-15 best players in the nba, and he's pretty cheap. i'd trade basically anybody on our team for him, except marbury. if indiana wants to make a run at the playoffs now instead of wait till next year with their full team, or maybe if they are sick of artest and his antics, isiah should jump all over that. THAT would be a good trade. artest plays hard every night, and so what if he said he "wanted a month off" - every player does that anyway. shaq was always injured at the start of a season "with his big toe" - many players make excuses to skip a day or two here and there. iverson doesn't like to "practice". artest would bring that defensive intensity we so desperately need. and sweetney can easily put up kurt like numbers if he gets the same minutes. in 30 minutes a game, i wouldnt be surprised to see him get 13 and 8. isiah can calm artest down - i'd take a gamble on him.