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Itís encouraging, bc for the first time since we traded Ewing to SEA... we actually have a plan in place, itís being implemented, and we can already see the
Beginning of something...

Perry cleared the books and accumulated picks, he brought in Knox, MRob and RJ.

We have a foundation, picks to replenish, we have cap space, we have a proven NBA coach and an all star cast of assistant and developers and front office execs... Dolan has money.

If not now, when? Weíre bound to get lucky sooner or later.

Hiring a head-coach Thibodeau, and a coaching-staff of Bryant, Payne, Woodson, Greer, and Yoshimoto .. Gives the Knicks a decent defensive-coaching staff, what the new coaching-staff does not have are a NBA experience coach to guide/develop the Knicks young-core Guards growth throughout the season on their staff ....
Payton, Frank, Smith will need a "Thibs" team-plan for their play-maker skills,
and Barrett, Dotson, and the 2020 Draft pick will need a "Thibs" team plan to play complimentary (same-page) b.ball.