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    Default NBA Restart: Are you watching??! Letís discuss!!!

    I know our beloved arenít participating but Iím still watching. Watching ďLebitchĒ and the Lakeshow getting shot out by the Craptors Saturday night was classic. James Harden and the Rox are amazing. Damphony May finally have a chance. I think this is anyoneís Chip for the taking like the 98í strike shortened season in which we made the finals and eventually succumbed to the Timmy and the Spurs. Any other NBA observations if you are still watching.

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    Michael Porter with 37-12. Drafting Knox over a sliding MP almost as foolish as trading KP

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    Very impressed with how the NBA is handling the virus. The video board is a gas, hooked up to the NBA app and your phone camera I'm guessing because I haven't used it or downloded the app.

    The players and the NBA also used the downtime to make a statement on racial justice, unprecedented where a whole league including players, coaches and league office addressing racism in this country. Original idea to put phrases like Black Lives Matter, Justice, Enough, Equality on the back of players jerseys.

    Really enjoying watching that Rockets team, its like watching David and Goliath, with them getting killed on the boards by 25 rbs but still managing to beat the Bucks and Giannis. I would have thought D'Antoni would have found some minutes for Tyson Chandler against Lopez but he didn't play at all.

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