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The Mavs defensive rating is 12 pts worse when KP is on the floor but that’s clearly a result of the knee surgeries affecting his lateral mobility and I’ve noticed he labors getting back in transition, his contract and his defensive problems are big enough concerns that he no longer is considered the “untouchable” piece to put around Luka but to me the best option is not to go off half ****ed and try to trade him, Mavs are better off having patience and seeing if his mobility comes around with more playing time before giving up on their Euro duo.
You mean the same patience the Knicks could've shown with DSJ, especially since we traded for him in the deal? You mean playing a young kid about 15-20min/gm like The Pistons are currently doing instead of trading for D-Rose(who has been solid but knees could betray him any day). Dollars to Donuts our record is the exact same had we not traded for Rose

Remember all the crying last yr how #kporzee was playing and DSJ was collecting DNPs or trying to play with 7 Guards on the team? Well who's not playing now while another player may end up becoming The Pistons full time starter

And yes he can do more than Dunk. He's already made 9 3s this month, a few multi stl/blk gms, shot 40% or better in over half of them, 5ast or more in about half of them