I been wanting to put this Thread up since the beginning of the season to compare our Knicks with other teams in the league, plus the 4th quarter decision-making from top coaches n top players for wins n visa-versa ...

So far the 2014-15 Championship GS Warriors has been the top-top elite team in the league starting the season off going on a 24-0 run record with a elite 9 to 11 man rotation of SSOL players making Steph Curry n Klay Thomas speed the #1 backcourt tandem in 2015-16 season.

The Portland Blazer who so many people (myself included) gave up on for the 2015-16 season when their franchise player Aldridge sign with the Spurs in the offseason .. so far they are a 7 seed team climbing to be a 5 seed team.
Yes, the Portland Blazers fooled all unbelievable fans by having the #2 top backcourt in the league in Damian Lillard n C.J. McCollum, their backcourt is so dominant because of their 4 BIG-Men in the rotation (Plumlee Leonard Ed Davis and Noah Vonleh) complimenting the guards performance on offense n defense. SF Al-Farouq Aminu and SF Harkless maybe 6.9 in height and a huge part of Blazers rotation but they are not the 4 Big-men controlling the post.

Without Lebron the Washington Wizards blew-out the Cavs last night from start to finish 113 - 99