These days i've been working to tweak a forum skin that i've installed a few months ago (you probably didn't even noticed because there wasn't any announcement) and unless you accidentally checked the theme selector, this is basically news for you.

So, as i said, new skin available to select and use, i called it KO Aftermath and it's based on's Morbid Blue.

It's still in beta mode, that means that it will still suffer changes and improvements but until the final touch, everyone is free to test it and feel it.

It basically resembles a bit with the classic themes we've had here several years ago, before upgrading to a newer software version, but cleaner. As you might have noticed there a few new post icons visible. I created a set of them for each NBA team so from now on when a new game thread is started it can have the logo of the opponent. That way game threads are much more easier to spot. I'm also considering changing the current ones soon to have them all in one standard size.

The fonts are also changed, i used the same ones we have for the homepage, IMO they are giving a fresh look and are very pleasant to read in terms of typography.

I also made a new set of forum icons and as time allows me i'll try to create a new set of thread icons as well.

Anyway, nuff said. Feel free to try it by selecting it from the bottom left drop down or simply click here to activate it.

Let me know how you like it and what do you think should change/improve. Any bugs that you find, leave a comment here. I'm still working on it so a final version won't be ready until the summer.