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    Default Derrick Rose Knicks Press Conference Introduced as NYK Full Presser 6 24 2016

    What a great day to be a New York Knicks Fan! Derrick Rose Knicks Press Conference Introduced as NYK Full Presser 6 24 2016!

    Check it out here

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    New York Knicks: Phil Jackson Knows What He’s Doing
    by Ira Barasch

    Calm down, New York Knicks fans. Team president and 13-time NBA champion Phil Jackson knows what he’s doing.
    While it had been rumored for a while, the Derrick Rose trade actually coming to fruition shocked many New York Knicks fans. The former MVP is coming to play at the Garden in exchange for Robing Lopez, Jerian Grant, and Jose Calderon.
    Rose is a question mark at best, known more for standing on the sidelines than playing on the court. He’s played in just 166 of the past 394 regular season games he was eligible for. Yet, since after last year’s All-Star Break, Rose averaged 17 points per game and shot a 47 percent from the floor.
    If the Knicks get anything close to that kind of production, they won this trade. If Rose gets injured yet again, there’s no real cause for concern seeing as he’s in his final year of his contract.
    No matter if you’re a fan of the trade or not, you can’t deny that Phil Jackson has officially made his mark on this Knicks team.

    “But Phil! how can you get rid of a center with such a good contract for an oft injured guard?!”
    Well, Cliched and Overzealous Knicks Fan, that’s simple. While Lopez has an extremely reasonable contract, and had a strong year, there is a deeper market for power forwards and centers in this free agent class than point guards. In fact, the talent at center with Al Horford, Dwight Howard, Joakim Noah, Hassan Whiteside, Al Jefferson, and Pau Gasol (just to name a few) blows the guards away in sheer talent.
    Getting someone of Rose’s talents and giving up only an unproven 21-year-old guard and a good-to-average center is a steal. Especially when you look at the long-game.
    Rose’s contract ends the same time as Russel Westbrook’s, who is said to be watching New York very closely. Without Rose, the Knicks will have a ton of cash to spend in free agency next year.

    “Wait, does this mean we’re going to sign Kevin Durant?!”

    Lets all take a chill pill. Durant himself said that he wants to make a smart basketball decision. With teams like the Warriors, Spurs, Heat, and Thunder all vying for his talent, the Knicks have an outside shot at best.
    It’s known that Durant and Rose are friends, and Durant has publicly praised Kristaps Porzingis, but the smarter basketball decision would lie elsewhere

    “How does Rose even fit on this team?”

    Well that’s another good question, Cliched and Overzealous Knicks Fan. Rose is known to be a slash and cut kind of player. He’s not known for being run and gun, which is part of what new coach Jeff Hornacek wants to implement.
    Our new coach also did mention his fondness of the pick-and-roll, and how he thinks Porzingis will benefit from it; an aspect of the game Rose particularly shines in. While he’s also a a more ball-dominant guard, taking some of the pressure off of Porzingis and giving him a true leader on the floor will actually help the rising star’s growth in the long-term
    The Knicks only have five players under contract entering tonight’s draft. There’s definitely more work to be done, but you cant deny that with one move, Jackson has truly put the Knicks back on the map and set them on a good road for the future.

    Rose is a risk, but a calculated risk.
    Calm down, Knicks fans; the fun is about to begin ...LMAO

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