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Thread: Knick's Future

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    Default Knick's Future

    This is response to the Knicks vs. Pistons thread. Unloading the roster is ideal. But it is a great risk and it can setback a franchise for such a long time. As of right now. The Knicks can not get another star for another 2-3 years. Expiring contracts are good because it gives to cap space but you have to use those contracts the right way. I question Isiah alot but I still have some faith because he built the Indiana Pacers that we know today. Marbury and crawford are good pick ups, But Isiah is far from completing his team.

    I see like this. Isiah is getting the players he wants in Steph, Jamal, and Nazr. But with those guys he had to get TT, Penny, and JYD. All players with big contract who havent produced much this season.

    What IT needs to do is build around Steph, and Jamal (Which he is doing). He needs to drop every Knick from the roster one by one and get some pitbull players with 1 or to solid jump shooters on this roster, But get them for cheap. Those expiring contract with TT and Penny will only be good if we get 3, or if lucky enough 4, players who are solid. Marbury and Jamal are explosive. We need solid role players. Shot Blocking is what we need most. We need someone like Udinos Haslem of the heat who plays hard, rebounds, good jump shot and good defender. Haslem was not drafted we was a free agent from an Eurpean league ( Where Isiah is now).

    NY fans are impatient. And whether we rebulid from scrtach, by breaking up the team, or rebuild with Isiah's plan we are still going to be a bad team no matter what. If some is to blame, blame the front offices of the past. But no one wants to do that because Isiah and Marbury are easy targets.

    The Knicks are a bad team, but hey what do you expect when some one wants to rebuild a team. The Knicks are changing, they are going through a transition. It was not going to be as smooth as yal thought nouw everyone is crying about : fire Isiah, get rid of steph, Crawford sucks. If this was another GM with diferent players with the same Knicks payroll, there would still be crying.

    The Knicks are changing, be patient, we are not winning and championship so lets be calm.

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    very nice post. its all true

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    This post doesn't matter, but i just wanted to say that's it's a damn good post man ! i agree 100%. Seeya in 2 or 3 years for the nba finals ! 8)

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    Very true post, unfortunatley us Knick fans wil most likely be waiting a while for any sort of success to be proud about.
    New York Knicks - New Era, New Attitude

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