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    Default Larry Brown Won't Be The Next Knicks Coach

    According to a report from the New York Daily News Larry Brown has said that he will not be the Knicks coach next season and plans to end his coaching career in Detriot and not in New York .

    This is very disapointing as Larry Brown seemed like the perfect coach to restore the Knicks franchise with his great track record, his lifelong desire to coach the Knicks and his respect for Isiah Thomas...the Knicks may need to push harder for Phil Jackson.

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    Brown apparently told the NYPOST last week that he won't coach the Knicks despite that the NYPOST printed a story talking up speculation that Brown would be the Knicks head coach next season.

    Looks like Isiah may now need to look beyond Phil Jackson because with Larry out the picture and with Phil seeming to not want to coach next season the Knicks might have to look for a new 'savior.'

    Any thoughts on other possible coaching candidates that have been over-shadowed by Phil and Larry?
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    Larry Brown has to protect his current image as coach of the Pistons - how can u go into work and tell all your players and bosses - that you want to coach another team - that it's ur dream job - of course the players are going to lose faith in you.
    Plus - imagine if in that interview he said Yes - i want to coach the knicks - think of all the speculation and drama within the Pistons organization that would cause. Right now he knows that the Pistons are giving him a paycheck and you definitely don't want to bite the hand that feeds u!

    He'll be the coach of the knicks next year - the dude said that he wants to retire after Detroit. If he were to retire - where do you think he is gonna end up - on good ole' LI - and what's better than chilling in ur retirement house - hopping on the LIRR straight to Penn Station to work in your dream job!!
    He definitely wants this position.
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