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    Default NBA All-Dunkadelic Team Mid-Season

    The mid-seson All-Dunkadelic teams for the first half of the NBA season. There are many players who deserve to be on the 3 teams but these are the best at dunking that rock.

    All-Dunkadelic First Team

    Amare Stoudemire- Amare is 2nd in the L in Dunks, scored 50 in a game
    LeBron James- King James is 5th in the L in dunks, makes ESPN highlights on a regular
    Kenyon Martin- K-Mart is 3rd in the L in dunks, is explosive and powerful with jams
    Shaquille ONeal- Shaq leads the L in dunks, is the most dominant force in NBA.
    Staeve Francis- Wink is the most explosive of the point guards in the NBA.

    All-Dunkadelic 2nd Team

    Kobe Bryant- Kobe is always fun to watch when he drives to the rim, great dunker
    Eddy Curry- Eddy is 4th in the L in dunks this season, big man is powerful
    Vince Carter- Vinsanity is rated as one of the 5 best dunkers of All-Time
    Dwayne Wade- Flash is just that, Dwade is a highlight dunk machine for Heat
    Shawn Marion- The Matrix is in the top 12 in dunks and makes a great highlight.

    All-Dunkadelic 3rd team

    Jason Richardson- J Rich is a Two-Time Slam Dunk Champ, nuff said
    Tracy McGrady- T-Mac is always looking to make a the highlight reel
    Pau Gasol- Pau is in the top 10 in dunks this season, loves to give a facial.
    Kevin Garnett- KG is always going to bring his game and dunks every night
    Andre Iguadala- The new AI in Philly is the most explosive rookie this season

    Honorable Mentions:

    Richard Jefferson, Corey Maggette, Ricky Davis, Josh Smith, Fred Jones, and Dwight Howard
    Dunkadelic will be to basketball what the term Phat is to hip-hop!!!!

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    i bet ariza is a better dunker then alot of those ppl

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    yea but he doesnt get much of an opportunity - minutewise and passwise
    Peter the Russian...back like cooked crack

    hey hey hey smoke weed every day

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    Uh, im not sure if you would put vince carter as one of your 5 greatest dunkers of all time

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