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    Announcement KO Column: Despite Slow Start Knicks Frontcourt Shows Promise

    There's a new column on the front page written by our newest columnist, Brian McGuire. Brian will be contributing on regular basis we hope, so make sure you check out the home page daily because there's a lot of new things coming!

    Despite Slow Start Knicks Frontcourt Shows Promise

    The New York Knicks have struggled in the early going this year. Currently, they have a 5-6 record after winning two in a row. One of the reasons that the team has a losing record in the early going is that not all of their newly acquired pieces have fit together quite right yet. The frontcourt in particular has been in flux early in the season, which is surprising when both Carmelo Anthony and Phil Jackson said during the offseason that the Knicks have the best frontcourt in the Eastern Conference. Here is breakdown of the Knicks’ frontcourt situation.

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    This season will become a fluke if Phil/Horny coaching-staff mess-up this season roster of decent frontcourt players .. Noah/KP/Quinn/Willy/Plumlee and our SF-Melo/Kuz/N'Dour/Thomas .. letting these frontcourt players mesh together for two month of steady playing time will give us a 45 win season .. if our coaching-staff cant get 5 to 6 of our frontcourt players meshing in a rotation this season then something is very fishy bout the Knicks organization.

    Last season O'Quinn showed to be the Oakley we been missing for so long in the frontcourt, and we awarded Quinn to many DNP n spot minutes games last season.
    This season we received a NBA Ready Rookie in Willy Hernangomez who we should tandem alongside Quinn to man the glass in a lineup.
    We need Noah into the mix to help us complete a 2-3 zone for crunchtime wins, Noah's all-around game will help us win the impossible games.

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