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PJ is in a good situation with that win yesterday. Give the majority of the minutes to that second unit, Horn already has said they play with more energy on D and the ball moves better, and see if they can put together a winning streak to make the playoffs. If they do, you pretty much force Melo to waive his NTC because he's not going to take kindly to being a second fiddle the rest of the way, same with DRose, he'll opt to go elsewhere.

If the young guys don't win the Knicks get a better pick in the draft and PJ knows he's got to blow up the team during the off-season. The last thing I would do is play the 2 highest paid guys on the team Melo and DRose major minutes the rest of the way.

PJ and Melo relationship ended before the trading deadline .. why are they still together?
Our two CEO Phil & Melo dont work well on the court / or at selecting draft picks / or signing FA / or trading players .. why are they still together?

Its to late in the season (26-38) to go on a playoff run using the depth-players we should have been using early in the season .. could our bench players go on a 15-3 run like the winning mediocre Miami Heat did the past two months? i doubt it with coach Horn poor substitution.
No matter how the remaining season turn out at the end of the season we fans will be wondering how many new players will Phil add next season? 5 or less? or 6 or more?