This is my opinion simply. I'm sick and tired of the get rid of Marbury business. But I completely understand where everyone is coming from. Their have been run ins with teammates. The team is losing and Steph has a bad track record. But I think it would be crazy to give Steph up. He is a talented PG the we were foutunate enough to land. I really do not think he is the heart of the Knicks problem. I do think he is a part. But all the Knicks are part of the problem.

The problem of the Knicks is Stephon's being the best player on the team. If Steph is the best player then it is a big problem. It is rare to have a contending team to have the best player be the point guard. Isiah was the last to do it and Magic was a freak of nature so he does not count. I really think the Knicks need to get rid of a lot of people on the team and do it throgh draft and free agency. Therer are a lot of young hungry players out there. Then sign a good big man. Steph is a PG he is suppose to " handle and assist". Some else is suppose to be the primary scorer. But becasue of H2O ineffectiveness and Crawford's still a pre-mature player, we do not have chance to win if steph does not score.

Whats ur point of view knicks fans