"You know I own a basketball team. For most people that would be a dream," Dolan sang. "For a trust fund kid, it's a living hell. Always some a--hole telling me to sell."

Dolan made reference to Deadspin calling out his inability to manage the Knicks as its owner, and even went as far as to include Cavaliers star LeBron James.

"You call me up and ask for a quote, then write a story calling me a dope," Dolan continued. "Ask me why we don't win more games. Any chance we get LeBron James."

Other than being the executive chairman of The Madison Square Garden Company, Dolan has a love for music. He is the lead singer for his band, "JD & The Straight Shot."

He made headlines during the 2017 NBA Draft when he decided to perform a concert with his band instead of attending the draft, which was in Brooklyn.