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    Quote Originally Posted by tiger0330 View Post
    Disappointing to me because Frank is a lottery pick but he is the 3rd best PG behind both Jack and Sessions. I had higher hopes for him thinking he would start sometime this season, I don't think that happens this season. I could even see him going down to the GL to get playing time if the Knicks are in the thick of it and need to put their best players out there.
    Frank has it all .. Frank only need NBA playing-time under a developing-coach

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    so our 2nd unit shows up tonight and we win the game. go figure.
    we faced a team with the same record as us and we beat them soundly. i kinda like that.
    they didn't have whiteside, but we lost KP after 2 or 3 minutes. solid win.
    the heat may have been tired from road games, but hey nobody ever gives us any excuses so i'm not giving anyone else excuses.
    hopefully our 2nd unit continues to show up. we're going to need that in a big way come the end of december and all through january.
    sunday is revenge day!
    blame vegas

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    We are a work in progress, everyone. Slowly but surely we will build a great contender. We just gotta continue to play team basketball.

    When someone as great as KP goes down, the rest of the players have to step up. And thats what happened versus the Heat.

    Team Ball and Defense, the 2 most important things we need to continue to perfect. Everything else will follow.

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