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    I think Frank is playing conservatively, timid so heíll avoid making mistakes and doing the wrong thing. Itís disappointing that heís not flashed super star potential, bc heís yet to have even 1 monster game. But I think itís safe to say heís not a bust.... total waste of space.

    For me, how he returns next year and the steps he takes forward next year and the year after that.... will define the kid. Heís 19 and playing in the NBA.... Iíll cut him some slack and give him time to grow. The frame is there....

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    Originally Posted by tiger0330
    I'm admittedly not the biggest fan of Frank but is he the least exciting PG taken in this draft. 19 and 6'5 kid should be able to push the pace and not play the slow methodical game he plays.
    The 19 yr old rookie could use some help in the back-court by having the same tandem guard in his lineup to help mentor his talents at the guard spot ..
    Frank has raw fresh talent that need to be develop in the same lineup in his rookie season, to get familiar with the players in his lineup to get comfortable creating new offense/defense into the Knicks rotation. a 2nd unit lineup of Frank / Sessions / Mcderm / Quinn / Noah would have been ideal to put on the court every night for 3 to 4 weeks to gain team chemistry among the lineups.
    This game vs the Spurs showed us again that KP is not a number 1 nor a number 2 option on offense, nor is KP a 30 minute player every night.
    I like the idea of SG Lee receiving over 24 minute of playing-time per game, but Lee does not have the talent or creativeness to be on the court above 28 minute of playing-time in every game. Lee should be averaging 27 minutes per as a SG.
    When we look at Beasley / Mcderm / and Lance we need to look at what we need in a game to win .. do we need more scoring offense then Beasley should get the most minutes of the three players .. do we need more Defensive effort than Lance should get the most minutes of the 3, if we need both than Mcderm should get the most minute of the 3 .. all 3 players need to stay in the SF spot bc all 3 players are to weak to play the 4 spot.
    Noah / Kanter / and Quinn are the main out line of the Knicks becoming a .500 team this season .. which ever PG they co-exist with best between Jack / Session / Frank will make the Knicks a better team this season.
    So far Kanter n Jack co-exist well, and Quinn n Frank co-exist well .. Horn need to stop experimenting with different lineups each game and start building two co-existing lineups !!!

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