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I posted that I'm high on Kris Dunn and he might be illustrative of the rookies in general. Came into the league older than these 1 and done rookies but still struggled his first year finding his shot. This year he started on the bench behind Grant but his improved shooting won him the starting PG job, took a year in the NBA and several years at Providence to develop his game to where it is now. I've been very impressed with his defense and his athleticism which is the mainstay of his D unfortunately I don't see similar upside in Frank. I hope I'm wrong and Frank can develop into the kind of all NBA defender I think Dunn can become but right now I don't see it.

I loved the pick when Wolves selected him and thought Thibs would play him over Scrubio but it never happened. Gets traded to a team who gave him the keys and he's fun to watch. Wait until the Bulls get Lavine back.