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    Default {Article} Still Working For The Cable Guy, But Probably Not

    By now, the savvy Isiah Thomas must realize he works for a billionaire cable guy in James L. Dolan who has the attention span of a channel surfer and the impulsiveness of a shopping network devotee.

    With that in mind last night, Thomas still explained away the Knicks' mind-boggling disparity between payroll and record ($103 million to 19-30) by saying the team's route to an N.B.A. title is going to be a "long, slow, tedious process."

    By now, he surely understands that Dolan has a history of mistaking his Cablevision inheritance for business acumen by habitually throwing money at problems to make them disappear - whether it's Woody Johnson or Shandon Anderson.

    And yet, Thomas countered his boss's instinct for binge spending by saying, "We can't go and buy it; we've got to work at it" when detailing the immediate future of the Knicks before they lost to the Miami Heat in overtime, 116-110.

    By now, there is no doubt Thomas has discovered that Dolan hires and fires icons to create diversionary tactics and layers of intrigue at Madison Square Garden to camouflage his own ineptitude. Nevertheless, Thomas tried to defuse the Phil Jackson speculation by proclaiming his support for Coach Herb Williams who has, he noted, done "an excellent job with what we have."

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    Just me personally, but I wish James Dolan would sell the Knicks. Here, is a classic example of a spoiled idiot, that really doesn't care about basketball, fans, or the team overall success. This hurts me from the stand point that as long as he remains the owner of the club we will continue to lose. Money doesn't solve everything, as our lofty 103 Mil payroll clearly indicates. IT now realizes this will take time. If fans are patient we can build a long term winner. Dolan was the idiot (with Layden's help) that signed Allan Houston to a long term contract as opposed to Spreewell, who I think has been the better player between the two (certainly more heart and durability). Then got rid of Ewing for nothing (I mean Luc Longley played I think 14 games maximum). No free agents will come here just cause it's New York. Guys all fans should want should be coming to NY to win. If not go somewhere else. That's the stance I hope we take while developing a winner.

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