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In the Knicks past 30 games this season Courtney Lee has gained coach Hornacek confidence to be the Knicks most minute playing time player on the roster .. Coach Horn has given Lee the court leadership position to run the show for 35 minute per game. RED FLAG!
I like Lee as a Knicks player n veteran for our young core of players however, what i dont like bout Lee .. are coach Horn giving Lee above 24 minute of playing time per game.
Lee is a decent role player who performance is good for 18 minute to 24 minute in the rotation. Especially when a healthy THJ are in the rotation to play 24 to 28 minute a night at the SG position, plus having a healthy Beasely n Mcderm in the rotation to share the SF position minutes a night.
Lee n THJ are decent 2 guards (SG) on our roster that should never be in the same lineup together, especially now that we added PG Trey Burke to the roster to receive rotation playing time minutes to co-exist with teammates.
Lee has been the most consistent knick in the past two seasons and his numbers this year show that, dude is efficient. The issue is jack and Thomas averaged a combined 2 points last game and they do that too often..yet coach benched Beasley who can throw up 30 any night he gets hot and benched Frankie who can atleast defend and benches Burke who averaged almost 30 ppg in g league and is a better scorer than jack..then he wastes minutes playing McDermott who is just a slower poor mans kyle korver that canít defend a lick..and would rather play baker over Burke which makes no sense at this point

He overplays the starters and doesnít know when to pull the plug when they begin losing the lead.

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