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    Today vs Philly .. I hope to see Jack start with bum-bum Lee n THJ.

    I want to watch Frank n Mudiay tandem on the court in a lineup .. then Frank n Burke tandem on the court in a lineup.

    It's a shame Hornacek n Rambis are CLUELESS coaches on putting Kanter n KO in a lineup together .. then putting Noah n KO in a lineup together so Kornet and Hicks could watch from the bench to see how their talent would fit in a lineup besides Kanter or KO or Noah.

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    Originally Posted by tiger0330
    That's been the knock on him his entire career so far that below average shooting and I was surprised to read he is dead last in defensive RPM of 97 PGs and his net rating is terrible at -8.2 as well. Lot of love for the guy from Broadway, TKF and Mafra but 3 yrs into his career the odds are he's more bust than the answer, I also don't agree the Knicks are the change of scenery that he needed, the Knicks have not been an environment where guys have blossomed more times than not. One game, jury is still out on a low risk move for a guy that we let go next season if he fails the audition.
    I donít love Mudiay, I just think heís much better PG than anything we currently have on the roster.

    Iím not saying NY is gonna to be the impetus that helps him turn his career around, itís more that heís walking into an ideal situation (if there was ever gonna be an environment that gets the talent out of Mudiay).

    I think with Burke, Mudiay, and Knits.... there best b-ball is ahead of them.... their stories arenít written yet. Sure, odds are stacked against the Burke and Mudiay types... dime a dozen types... but they were elite prospects for a reason.... talent is there... will it be nourished and allowed to shine?

    Tough call....! I doubt they become anything more than serviceable options.... but, no matter what weíve seen so far in their careers.... they should be afforded time to

    Mudiay is what? 21? How old is Burke? These cats, traditionally, would still be getting experience in the college ranks.

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