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    I made a thread dedicated to some particulars only specific to our team and what could be viewed as somewhat inside information(Tig could end up being the biggest contributor with his ESPN Insider membership for example) or hot takes from interviews that maybe didn't make it mainstream or get covered extensively. Knicks rumors could go here too as to keep it separate from the rest of league news. Really whatever you guys feel like contributing if you feel it fits

    One thing I think applies are inside footage of Knicks practices and what takes place within. Here is a snippet of a recent practice

    Looks like our guys have a sense of competitive edge but what I took from this video is who was playing with who. I see Knits-Mudiay-THJR-T-Will-KO, this is a lineup I want to see more of in terms of team structure. The other unit was Burke-Jack-Dotson-Thomas-Kornet. Maybe Kanter and Beas got rest or were subs with both units not sure, just a little something of interest
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