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    Default If the Knicks clear space for two max free agents, who do you want?

    Which two max free agents do you want? Would you use it for two or one, or none? Would you create a lot of depth because you think the core we got now plus our pick next year is strong enough?

    Obviously what we would do could change after next season depending on how our young players have played, health, and where free agents are health-wise and if they're a risk other-wise (Kawhi being a mystery now).

    If healthy I'd go for the two max free agents. I think the Knicks will have enough already to compete for a championship by adding two max free agents.

    My for sure pick unless maybe he shows he'd be a big risk is:

    Kawhi Leonard

    The offense and defense he'd bring would have a huge impact on both side of the floor. He's a champion. If he committed long term, I don't see much of a risk involved if we signed him while healthy. Can't count out anything after the Spurs situation though.

    My second choice would be, if I were to sign him NOW, would be Kyrie Irving. He's possibly the best ball handler in the game right now (either him or Chris Paul), somebody who attacks and finishes at the rim greatly, has great range, hits big shots, and is a champion. Great ball handling is one of my favorite parts of the game, so seeing him tear the house down with those skills along with his other talented parts of his game would he awesome. He's also from New Jersey.

    We have to see if we we need a PG though. Suppose our PG depth does a good job and we add Klay Thompson instead. I don't see him leaving Golden State, but it wouldn't be crazy. He's a great two way player who's an all-time great three point shooter. He's be great to go along with Kawhi. Plays off-the-ball and can explode with his scoring.

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    KL and KI would for me...

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    Yes, KI and KL or Butler.

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    First off .. what super-star player in his right mind wants to play for OUR super BIG Loser James Dolan?

    Hopefully .. having another new head-coach Fiz .. ?? .. we may be able to see some type of team winning strategy to keep the Knicks close to have a .500 season in the weak-weak East conference.
    Then when July 2019 arrive .. we would've watch a full Knick season to know the areas and positions we need to get from draft/FA/and trades in 2019 offseason to improve to become a 2nd round playoff team. Do we really need another super star player ???

    Kawhi Leonard has become a question mark .. until Kawhi give a season performance to show his worth ???
    Im still not impressed by Kyrie Irving to give him a max contract .. I didn't see Kyrie Irving help Boston get to the ECF in the playoffs. I still recall the season Lebron took the Cavs to the FINALS with a MIA-Kyrie Irving !!!

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