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    Nba Logo [KO Column] 2018 Top 10 Draft Summary and Explanation

    Our staff writer, Conor, delivers an editorial on the top 10 draft picks of the 2018 class

    2018 Top 10 Draft Summary and Explanation

    By Conor Geelan

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    The Phoenix Suns look stacked this off-season to make some noise in the 2018-19 NBA regular season .. resigning Booker, plus signing winners Ariza and Holmes, plus trading for a dynamic 2-Way rookie Mikal Bridges, and trading for a defensive-rebounder Ryno Anderson to go alongside the big double-double number 1 pick of the 2018 draft DeAndre Ayton.

    I still can not believe the Philly 76ers traded away a dynamic multi-position 2-Way rookie (Mykal Bridges) that would have fitted great alongside Ben Simmons or Fultz in a lineup.

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    New York Knicks: Charlie Ward offers glowing review of Kevin Knox
    by Sam Friedman1 month agoFollow @fried_sam1

    Former New York Knicks guard Charlie Ward is a friend of the Knox family. He shed light on what Knicks nation should expect from their first-round pick.
    To those that may not know, Kevin Knoxís dad, Kevin Knox Sr., was an amazing wide receiver for the Florida State Seminoles. He won a National Championship with the Seminoles, and was drafted in the sixth round by the Arizona Cardinals.
    Knox Sr.ís career never flourished in the NFL. He didnít record a stat in the two games he played. Heís mostly known for his college career, and being Charlie Wardís favorite target.
    Ward is one of the most unsung athletes of all-time. He played two different sports at Florida State, football and basketball, and excelled in both.
    Ward won every major award, including the Heisman Trophy, during his time as a football star at Florida State. Despite all the accolades, and being a better football player, he decided to become a professional basketball player.
    Choosing which pro sport to play will continue as an all-time problem.
    Ward was instrumental in the Knicksí success during his playing career in the mid to late 90s. He was square in the middle of the fight between the Knicks and the Heat, which led to many suspensions, including Ward, Ewing, Houston and a few other Knicks.
    Many believe this is why the Knicks didnít win the series.
    Ward and Knox
    Marc Berman of The New York Post published an article two days ago, in which Ward dives into detail about his relationship with the elder Knox, and the differing personality between Junior and Senior.
    ďIím grateful heís a Knick,íí Ward told The Post in a phone interview from Tallahassee, Fla. ďI think he has the right mentality to be successful in New York. He seems to have a mature approach and great understanding of where he is in his development. The kid is well-balanced, with an inner confidence and swagger to him while having a quiet demeanor ó which you need, especially being in New York.
    Ward describes Knox Sr. as the more rambunctious type, high on himself and his ability. This is what made Knox Sr. the player that he was. Ward praises Knox Jr.ís upbringing, giving his parents a ton of due credit in how mature the Kentucky standout already is.
    Wardís detail about Knox Jr.ís demeanor, going as far as to say it is Tim Duncan-esque, is a hell of a compliment. Duncan is the best player of the early 2000s generation. All of the Kobe Bryant homers can take a hike.
    Ward was one of the most beloved Knicks in recent memory

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