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Stop blaming the staff, your boy Noah was the problem. He was brought in by PJ for his vet leadership and D and what we got were a suspension for PEDs and then a hissy fit with the coach that got him permanently benched. Never did like him, you never heard me talk about his so called hustle and intensity on D. All I saw was that god awful jump shot and FTs, the guy was less than a zero when he was here.
I can name over 30 NBA veterans that either signed or were traded to the Knicks, that gave the same performance as Noah.
When u read between the lines of Noah blaming himself for poor behavior as a Knick .. using the blame-game to sports writers to get back into the league. Yet Noah took every penny in the buy-out !!!
"Noah were DNP partying .. while Phil/Horn/Melo/and D.Rose had a 31 win season .. look to me like Noah wasnt the only Knick partying day n night throughout a 31 win, and a 29 win season.".
Its just a different time or era but its the same ole thang when it comes down to the Knicks.

It all goes back to Pat Riley's reason for leaving the Knicks!
Management & Coaching has never been on the same-page in the Knicks organization since trading Frazier to Cleveland.
I give Pat Riley Props, because he knew the Knicks organization problem .. every veteran player we had added to the roster gave us a 100+% hard-effort when Pat Riley were the Knicks head coach. NBA Players were happy to play for the Knicks under Pat Riley.