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    Tommy Beer

    Coming into this season, Willis Reed was the only rookie in Knicks franchise history to score at least 15 points in each of his first two career games at Madison Square Garden.

    Allonzo Trier joined Willis with another 15-point effort tonight.

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    I get the concerns about Hezonjas defense, but I dont want to see a repeat of the WHG situation from last year. I want Hezonja to get a chance to play before we decide he isnt good enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mafra View Post
    After last night, Fizdale said:

    He and that kid [LeVert] went to college together and they were going at it, Fizdale told reporters on Saturday. So he was really trying to win that battle. I commend him for that. Thats why there was no way I was taking him off that kid on the last possession. Im trying to make Timmy into a complete basketball player. He needed to go through that and take that challenge.

    Hey the kid scored, but he learned from it and he knows I believe in him as a defender now.

    I want you guys to look at it like this, he said. There was a day I played. If I was in a game playing against a college teammate, and weve been going tit for tat 28, 29 (points), back and forth, back and forth. And the last play of the game, coach goes ahead and says, Im gonna put him [somebody else] on LeVert], I might lose Timmy. That could crush him.

    Instead of switching defenders, Fizdale said he let Hardaway learn the hard way. Its trial by fire for a player he wants to turn into a capable defender.

    This is a development year. Thats part of Timmys development. Hes gotta take that challenge, he said. I cant hide him. Hes gotta dig in and get that stop. And he didnt get it last night, but he knows I believe he can. And were gonna keep working at it. It was just a personnel breakdown. He knew that kid wanted to go right. He let him get right. Well fix that issue. Next time, well get the stop.

    So thats what its about. Its not about me trying to manipulate a situation to hopefully win a game. The areas that Im trying to get these to be better at when it comes up in a game, I gotta let them go through that. I cant hide em from it.

    Fizdale is walking on a tight rope. On one end, he wants this basketball team to compete for as many wins as it can string together. On the other end, he wants to develop his guys into complete players, even if it means giving up a game-winning basket.


    Tonight, same situation and same result. Not THjrs fault tonight, for Tatum sunk a tough fade-away... but, coach, how about sending a double and forcing JT to give up the rock and let somebody else beat you!
    If I was a head coach .. I would not admit that i put a player first, instead of putting the team first to win the game.
    Especially for a player that never showed much defensive-effort, nor has he ever gain the confidence of hitting the last shot in his 5 yr career in the NBA.
    Fizdale look to be on his way to becoming another Dolan Puppet coach .. All the Knicks coaches I guess be hoping they could become a long employed coach by acting like Dolan puppet announcer Walt Frazier .. An announcer who use the term Team when referring to the Knicks high paid players performance on the court .. Now when THJ make mistake after mistake, we fans would hear Walt Frazier say "the Knicks team made another mistake, or in the many games when THJ are shooting 30% from fg and keep on shooting on every offensive possession, we fans would hear Walt say on every THJ miss shot "the Knicks Team has been shooting poorly tonight.".

    In the final 5 minute of the game (crunch time), i watch 2nd season Tatum score score score score on defender Timmy!
    If u watch the game Boston first and last points were scored on Timmy as the defender !!!

    It was nice of Fizdale to admit the final play decision was his fault, and not Burke.
    One! Burke never should have been the player taking out the ball!
    Two! Everybody and their Mama knew the play was written up for THJ to take a 3!
    Three! Frank should have taken the ball out!
    Four! The so-call play written up were not organized!
    Five! There were no picks or screens or design area for Knick players to be in before 5 seconds ran off the clock to pass the ball to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mafra View Post
    Im leaning towards baby LeBron right now. Williamson... but will watch and see whom I think is best prospect... what about you?
    Yea same here, he looks unstoppable. Right now he's the only reason I'm not that mad when we lose

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