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    Default In defense of Knits: 33 years of draft futility (1985-2018).

    I know most prefer DSJ or DM over Knits... but the kid is only 20 (Look what numbers C-Billups posted at his age 24 season — 9&3).

    Even if Knits is another Shumpert... he’s nowhere near the top of the list of draft disappointments....

    After all, we are NYK fans... we are steeled against the whims of ping pongs.... 33 years of draft misery and woe... that number look familiar?

    Yesh!, shouts Marv Albert. Yes. That’s Patrick Ewing’s retired number.

    Thirty-three years since the Debusschere fist pump, when the frozen envelop awarding the Hoyas gift to MSG, brought such good fortune to the franchise, the Knicks have never advanced up in the lottery since then.... 33 years of draft futility:

    After getting Ewing... then Sky Walker, Mark Jax and Rod Strickland in ‘85-‘88 drafts... It begins... it all began with the draft that doomed the Ewing era....

    *** NYK had 2 top 10 picks in the 1987 draft, trading them for players and a pick (which was Jax). But, the players they deal for weren’t on the team by end of following season. Scottie Pippen and Reggie Miller could’ve been those 2 picks. Methinks Ewing has a few rings if the 1987 draft was handled more properly. ***

    Starting in 1990, let’s walk down memory lane. NY Knicks 1st round draft picks:

    1990: Jerod Mustaf (PF/C Jayson Williams and Antonio Davis we’re available.

    1991: Greg Anthony (Dale Davis the next pick)

    1992: Hubert Davis. (Latrell Sprewell went 4 picks later)

    1994: Monty Williams/Charlie Ward (amazingly, there wasn’t much talent other than this)

    (no picks in ‘89, ‘93, ‘95, & ‘98)

    1996: Knicks have the 18, 19, 21 picks in the first round... 3 1st rounders!!!! Wallace, McCarty and Jones! 3 first round duds. The 20th pick? Zydrunas Ilgaukaskas!

    Oh, imagine if they traded these 3 picks for the 13th or 15th picks... those picks were Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash.

    1997: John Thomas (Stephen Jackson was available)

    1998: We took F-Weiss over St John Ron Artest (Kirilenko available)

    2000: Harvey (over Deshaun Stevenson) and Postell (over Michael Redd)

    2001: No 1st.

    2002: We turned drafting Nene (could’ve been Amar’e) into no-knees Mcdeyss.

    2003: In the historic Lebron Draft, we snag Michael Sweetney (passing on David West). But, hey, we also grabbed the Polish Lampe in the second round.

    2004: Trevor Ariza

    2005: Channing Frye (over Bynum and Granger).

    2006: Ronaldo Balkman (Rajon Rondo went next, and Kyle Lowry a few picks later). We also took Marty Collins (over Paul Milsap).

    2007: Wilson Chandler

    2008: Gallinari (over Lopez, Hibbert, Deandre Jordan, Eric Gordon).

    2009: Jordan Hill (DeRozan the next pick).

    (Knicks would’ve had Russell Westbrook and Steph Curry instead of Gallinari and Hill if they would’ve lost 3 more games in those 2008-2009 seasons).

    No 1st in 2010 and 2012 and 2014 and 2016.

    2011: Kemba, Klay, Kawhi go 9,11,15... Knicks get Shumpert at 17.

    2013: Timmy Hardaway (Rudy Gobert goes 3 picks later... our luck with the French not great. Tony Parker went 28th in 2001 but our first pick was 39).

    2015: Kristaps Porzingis (No KAT tho)

    2017: Knits
    2018: Knox

    Let us hope for the end of this curse... 33 years is enough suffering for the Ewing gift. May the draft odds ever be in our favor... and may we end up with Zion Williamson come June, 2019. Draft day interview in the green room wearing the blue NYK cap.

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    Nice post mafra and a nice perspective of the Knicks drafts but Nits just underscores the bonehead moves of the Knicks front office. Picking a guy because he had long arms to play in an out dated Triangle system. I could see picking him if he could jump out of a building or he could shoot like Trae but to pick him at 8 was a joke.

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    1998: We took F-Weiss over St John Ron Artest (Kirilenko available) .... Mills doing .. after Dolan Fired GM Grunfield in the middle of the season for punching coach JVG in the face in public .. for not giving Sprewell and Camby playing time.

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    The 2019 NBA draft does not have 6 decent prospects for the NBA 8 TANKING teams ..
    9-Wolves ...after they trade Butler for draft picks

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