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    Quote Originally Posted by Broadway View Post
    Bad pass but possibly even worse drawn up play out of a timeout, which Fiz isn’t the greatest at

    Big plays were made down the stretch but not enough!

    Limit THJR and play Knits and Mudiay together more
    So true .. worse drawn up play .. my first time seeing Mudiay & Frank in the same lineup this season

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    Quote Originally Posted by htr10 View Post
    Knox and Ntilikina put up decent stat lines, but we got outplayed when they were on the court. Nice night for Mudiay and Kanter who seemed to have more of an impact on the bottom line. MRob practically invisible tonight. Fizdale has me confused at what the eventual goal with the rotations is at this point.
    Both had deeply negative +/- scores of -15 and -14 so looks like you are correct. Odd for Nits not to have a positive impact when most nights he doesn't score yet has a + score.

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    I know that we are missing KP and planing for the next lottery to take us to the promise land, but my concern is, with KP and the next FA/lottery we are supposed to beat/compete with the above .500 teams, but for that to be true we should be able to beat/compete with the below .500 teams and at least cruse past the lottery teams...... do you think that the current team plus KP and one more player will be our team that we waited for since so many years?

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