Tiger .... i gave up all hope on the Knicks getting a winning coaching-staff as good as JVG had decades ago.
The 2018-19 Knicks need a few (long-term) veteran players on the roster to help improve the development of the (keeper) young-core players into future winning players .. Bad news .. the majority of decent veteran FA players dont sign to loser-teams like the Knicks.
The Knicks resigning a 24 minute double-double big-body center Kanter to a 2 or more year contract happen to be a 85% better future deal than the Timmy & Ron Baker signing, or the Mario Hezonja & Noah Vonleh signing SMH.
The Knicks will need Kanter's veteran/experience the next two seasons for the development of the three young-core big-men KP, Kornet, and MitchRob the next 3 to 4 seasons.