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The Knicks aren't winning many games the rest of the season with arguably the worst roster in the NBA. Logic tells you Perry should do something, trade players, bring up GLeague prospects etc. Breen, Hahn, Harlow talked up Nits constantly on the broadcast and his D but he was still only 4-12 with not one FT attempt. Fiz did give him 30 mins, Nits needs a steady diet of 25-30 min games and a defined role for his development and to find out if he's worth keeping.
How about Fizdale stop playing musical-chairs in the starting lineup and the substitution rotation!
I watch the Knicks TANK several seasons in a row .. I think I learned a lot about how to TANK a season by watching the 23 win season Knicks in two decades. When Fizdale change the starting lineup after the first 4 games into the season, the TANK was on.
Fizdale did not take any time to work at developing the starting lineup before replacing them after the 1-4 start, nor did Fizdale have role-players on the bench to replace the starting lineup (TANK). When the 2nd starter lineup went 2-4 Fizdale started replacing one player at a time out of the starting lineup (TANK). Does this type of coaching look like Fizdale were trying to develop players to win games, or keep players confuse and guessing each game on what teammate will be in my lineup this game???