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    Quote Originally Posted by Kiyaman View Post
    I'm not thrilled bout Knicks wanting FA Kyrie in the ofseason, and I'm not thrilled bout the Knicks last four head coaches not implementing team-defense or team-offense in their one on one isolation system. The Knicks last 4 head coaches could be called LOTTERY head-coaches !!!
    agreee.. irving did'nt do dick in clev till 'bron came back... n in boston they seem to play better when he's hurt... i don't see where he elevates the players around him...

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    I was happy bout DSJ winning performance vs the Atlanta Hawks 2 games ago shooting 7-10 for 19 pts, 2 rb, 7 DIMES, 1 stl, and 1 turnovers ..
    But last night Game vs Spurs DSJ provided the best play-maker performance in his NBA career shooting 8-17 fga for 19 pts, 6 rb, 13 DIMES, 2 stl, and zer0 turnover for a Knicks 130 -118 WIN over Spurs!!!

    Some nice stats from an article on Film School about Smith's play making since joining the Knicks.
    Pretty sure this is based on stats prior to last nights game.
    Playmaking Vision
    It would be easy to fall into the trap of thinking DSJ is a shoot-first gunner who doesn’t make his teammates better. Smith is not the archetype of a “pure” point guard, but it would be a mistake to underestimate his passing vision and playmaking ability. The guy is far from a black hole when he takes it to the rim. Per, Smith passes the ball on 47.2% of his drives. That’s the 9th-highest percentage among the 64 players to record at least 400 drives this season. Even more impressive, The BBall Index ranks DSJ in the 97th percentile league-wide in their Playmaking category. Check out this montage of five skip/ cross-court passes:

    Before the trade to New York, Smith was posting a league average efficiency on pick-and-rolls including passes, per Synergy. Considering Smith’s age and high-volume usage on pick-and-rolls, the fact that he is already average is extremely promising. In addition to kick-outs, Smith also keeps the bigs fed on lobs and dump-offs. DSJ has recorded 49 assists for the Knicks so far; 10 of those have been on alley-oop dunks (8 to DeAndre and 2 to Mitchell Robinson).
    Smith is just 21 years old. If he was 8 months younger I am sure that would be a talking point for some.

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