Therer comes a time in a season where teams have to postion themselves the best way the can in the post season. You mus evaluate your team and see where they are going. The Knicks, though semi-competitive in their games must start to tank in to get ready for the lottery. Nothing will save this mess this season. Therer is no point in trying to make the playoffs. If we do we will be one of the worst 3rd or 8th seeded teams to make it and they will probably get swept very easily. The knicks have nothing. They are no good. This goes beyong the statement of "best point guard" by Steph. This is a team that can not win.
Our biggest margin of victory was by 18 pts and are largest lost was by 34 pts. If you have watched thid season you see thatthis team does not have it at all. They just don't have. So if werer gonna win something lets win the lottery and get the best pick we can get.