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I have to agree with Coleman, before these trades i would of said forget about this season and start positioning ourselves for the next but now with these 2 first rounders we have we should make a push for that spot in the Atlantic.

We have 3 first round picks and 2 of those we have no control over where they are positioned, sure it would be great to have a shot at a guy like Bogut but most likely he's going to go a team like the Hornets.

We need to keep pushing, we have things set up nicely now for next season with expiring contracts and wealth of draft picks so why don't we give ourselves something to build on for next season by making the playoffs.
Exactly, we are not going to finsih below the Hawks,Hornets,Warriors etc. Even if we get to the lottery we will only have 1 ball so it would be hard to get that pick. LETS GO TO THE PLAYOFFS!!!