Mitchell Robinson "MitchRob" are performing in his rookie season as a Future Knick KEEPER !!!

The Knicks has MitchRob locked up for less than $5M total over the next three years, he has a chance to be one of the most valuable trade chips in the NBA over the off-season. I want to keep MitchRob for several years on the Knicks, but his play of late could actually make him the centerpiece in a trade for a star (The AD trade!).
The first time MitchRob received 30 minute of playing time he added 15 pts, 14 rb, 1 ast, and 5 blockshots to a 130-118 Knicks WIN!

This season MitchRob is tied for third in the league in blocks at 2.1 per game. All while playing only 18 minutes per game ..
I believe MitchRob has shown the most potential of our young-core group and should not be involved in any trade.
We need to keep our low cost young-core guys (Frank/Dotson/DSJ/Knox/MitchRob) by not involving them into any trades, so we could round out 1 max free agent player (Durant), then sign vets to minimum deals (DJ/Vonleh/Beverley/???).
Plus Can you imagine the chance of the Knicks getting Zion in the draft, and having a young trio lineup of MitchRob, Zion, and SF Knox for the next four seasons.