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    Default do u guys think the knicks will make any trades this season?

    i honestly don't know to me nothing good has shown up, i wouldn't mind getting webber but not for H20

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    its a little late to post a question about trading this season when theres only one day left to trade...BUT

    this officially sucks Chris Webber is a Sixer. Matt Barnes, Michael Bradley and Chris Webber have been traded to the 76ers for Brian Skinner, Kenny Thomas and Corliss Williamson. So i guess there goes that trade. We could have offered Sacramento a lot more. Then the same goes for the Carter deal. This is ridiculous. They picked up three big contracts for no where near great players when we could of offered them expiring contracts or good players in Kurt Thomas.

    So I guess thats a NO to the Webber deal. Itd be great if Philly did this so they can trade Webber to us for Kurt and Tim Thomas...haha but its not going to happen.

    The only other deal rumored is that for Ron Artest and that doesnt look like theyll accept unless we can get them to see Kurt Thomas would be a big help for them getting to the post season.

    I dont even think Isiah is pursuing a trade. Most likely hes going to wait out his options and deal in the offseason. If any trades do happen I see them being minor or for the likes of Antonie Walker. I have faith in Isiah and I have said wait until the offseason but its disappointing as I would of liked to see Webber or a big name added to the roster before the deadline...

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    Seems as if Isiah has shocked us and made two.
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