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    Quote Originally Posted by mafra View Post
    Just crazy to think you can have worst record and end up with 85% chance of not getting top pick.

    Last year, odds were 74% you donít get it....

    Still, either way, at 14% or 25%... either itís meant to happen or it isnít.
    I think that if the odds of getting the number 1 pick were higher, it would have been a lot harder for us to get the worst record. Weíre going to secure it with at most 67 losses. No doubt there are teams that would have been happy to post 70+ losses if it meant a 25% chance at Zion.

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    May 14 can't come soon enough. Maybe the most important date in team history if Zion is that once in a generation talent everyone says he is. I don't see anyone passing on him not even the Suns who are desperate for a PG like Ja.

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    At the end of the 3rd quarter the Houston Rockets scored 103 points compared to the Knicks 64 points (Poor Offense/Defense!)!
    After last night game the Knicks need to .. Shut it Down .. Fire the head-coach, and coaching-staff .. And let all the players that played a part in the Knicks 25% 3-ball shooting in the last 20 games know they will not be a Knick next season.

    Knick Fans are tired of waiting on the LOTTERY instead of the post-season games at the end of the regular season the past 5 seasons !!!

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