As it was already noted on these boards by Htr10, in 1984 the big prize (Olajuwon) went first, followed by stud Sam Bowie, then a lanky SG from ACC named MJ went third.

With reports that MEM are zeroing in on Ja.... NYK poised to take RJ with the third pick in the 2019 NBA draft.

This time last year, Barrett was the projected number 1 pick. His talent did not disappoint.... he was just overshadowed by the more dynamic presence of Zion.... but on the court, their stats were almost identical....

This isn’t to suggest I prefer RJ to Zion, bc the intangibles Zion brings is a generational thing. But on the court, NYK will be getting a worthy number 1 stud, who would be top choice most years.

If KD and another max signs with NY, and we blend in RJ with Knox, Trier, MRob, DSJ... this kid might be our Scottie Pippen!