Though the NBA draft is yet a few days on the horizon, a lot has happened in the few days to effect the Knicks rebuilding process. So let's review.

1. Our dreams of obtaining the number one pick, Zion Williamson, went up in smoke. I mean we only had a 14% chance anyway, but after what us Knicks fans have been through over the past two decades, we at least could dream about it. So we end up with the number 3 pick. Not what we wanted, but unless we trade down, its looking like RJ Barrett. I guess that will be a nice consolation prize. We will tell ourselves that coming out of high school that RJ was actually ranked HIGHER than Zion. But that is just rubbing salve on the wound don't you think.

2. Durant is now out for at least a year after tearing his achilles. Gulp!!!! This is a killer folks. Chalk this up to more Knicks jinx, snake-bitten, bad luck, and any other synonyms you want to put on this. For once we have a bona fide star that wants to come here in his prime. We don't have to empty the cupboard like we did for Melo because KD is a free agent. We have the $$$$. Then this. All I can say is um um um figures just our luck. Some will be in the camp of sign KD anyway. I am not in that camp. Being a KC Chiefs fan, I have seen what this injury does to a players career first hand in Eric Berry. EB beat cancer and came back to All-Pro NFL level, but the achilles did him in. To the point where the Chiefs released Eric Berry, taking a huge cap hit in the process, and EB to this point is still a free agent. My last glimpse of EB in a Chiefs uniform is him getting burned by now retired GRONK in the AFC Championship game. We were one play away from the Superbowl, and our former All Pro, Eric Berry, couldn't make it after that achilles injury. Plus, after this injury, Durant is going to want to secure his future. I get that. But we have been down this road before with Antonio McDyess and STAT. Lets not make those mistakes again.

3. Anthony Davis has signed with the Lakers. Word on the street is the Lakers didn't like the young talent we had to offer. This is a double whammy because that also lets you know where you are in the process. We now know for sure the now that the Knits is a bust because no one wants him. Thanks Fail-Jackson. In one sense I'm happy because AD wouldn't have improved our fortunes enough and we can keep what young talent we have. But it looks like our young talent isn't worth too much, at least according to the Lakers.

So where are we now? Assuming we pick RJ with our 3rd pick, where does that leave us? A bunch of young talent with question marks and a lot of $$$ to waste/ spend? Your thoughts?