Hear me out fellow Knick fans and I’d like your thoughts below in comment section.

Below is my plan B roster with the contract situation that would be established. No strings attached unless they are young with potential:

Dennis Smith Jr(rookie deal)
Deangelo Russell(max 30-32 mil)
Damyean Dotson(rookie deal)
Julius Randle (1-3 year deal at 20 mil per year)
Demarcus Cousins (1 year deal at 20 mil)

Kadeem Allen(cheap deal)
RJ Barrett(rookie deal)
Kevin Knox(rookie deal)
Ignas Bradzeikes(rookie deal)/Cris Wilkes (two way deal)
Mitchell Robinson(rookie deal)

Knicks have projected 70 million in cap space. Trading Frank N could free up 4-5 million more in cap space allowing a scenario like this to occur and allow an additional roster spot or two to be filled. Lance Thomas is expected to be waived freeing up 6 million in cap space for 2019’s class. This is a plan B in case Kevin Durant and/or Kyrie Irving decide to stick to us and choose Brooklyn...essentially forcing out D Russell.

This team is young, fast, talented, and deep with a lot of potential. Best case scenario, all young players develop quickly and Cousins returns to all star form for a new deal heading into 2020 free agency. Worst case, Cousins flops in which we drop, followed by Randle and find a taker for Russell to continue rebuild.

Knicks still own multiple 1st round picks for the foreseeable future.

The future is bright so “stay patient” Knick fans.

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