One of the most exciting NBA free agency periods of all-time is going to finally get going in the next 36 hours or so. Not only are there multiple stars likely on the move, there is approximately 40% of the total current NBA players who are free agents this year.

My predictions:

Kawhi Leonard - Proven all he needs to prove. He has lived in San Antonio and Toronto, so now it's time for him to go to the West coast. His personality is the anti-NYC personality. He goes to the Lakers where Lebron can do all the talking and he will be setup to play with AD for years and have a good chance at winning championships.

Kyrie Irving - He showed the whole world his toxic side in Boston, especially in the playoffs. Cleveland couldn't beat anyone with him as their star until Lebron came back. Goes to the Brooklyn Nets, because, the reality is that they are the only team who wants him unconditionally.

Kemba Walker - He was more than prepared to stay in Charlotte until he realized they were not going to offer him the full supermax. Ends up going to Boston because they are a safe option with a solid roster and strong front office.

Jimmy Butler - Winds up in Houston after Houston trades Capela away to make cap space. Houston is a disaster next season with the combination of Harden, CP, and Butler not being able to beat anyone without a real frontcourt.

Tobias Harris - Stays in Philly? Seems reasonable.

Klay Thompson - Takes his max deal and stays in GS. Maybe the first deal done.

Kevin Durant - There was a time when he was coming to the Knicks for legacy reasons. That's all gone now. This is the player who left OKC to join a team that already won a championship. Coming back from a major injury in the shadow of the NYC media is his nightmare. He would go to the Clippers, if Kawhi was going there. Kawhi goes to the Lakers instead, so KD goes to the Nets.

What happens to the Clippers and Knicks? The usual in free agency. They make big offers to stars and don't land anyone.

The Knicks end up making huge 1 and/or 2 year deals to DeMarcus Cousins, Julius Randle, and Terry Rozier because they need to spend 60 million to reach the NBA minimum. Knicks let RJ and MRob develop into All-stars and add 3 more 1st round picks over the next 2 seasons. Knicks have big cap space again in 2021 and with 2 stars on the roster and a Boston Celtic-like collection of former lottery picks on the roster, they become a team that for once is in serious consideration for big free agents.

Those are my predictions. Feel free to jump in with predictions before this thread should become real news.