LAC have the richest owner in sports (Steve Ballmer), the ďlogoĒ (Jerry West) is their mastermind, and Doc Rivers is the HC... they have SGA and a nice mix of prospects and vets... they made playoffs last season... and the Clippers are located in his hometown.

If Kawhi goes to the Clippers, a team has never even reached the WCf, and wins a chip... he goes down as arguably the greatest player ever.

If he goes to Lakers heís helping to further bloat LeBronís legacy...

I get why the lure to play with AD-LJ together in LA is enticing... win a couple more chips, LeBron retires... KL and KD carry the torch (both are about 27 years-old).

Kawhi has earned the right to join a super team since he defeated 2 of the best of them in MIA and GSW...

But I would be disappointed if the Clippers couldnít pull off what Nets were successful in doing... then again, Lakers have players to attract others... NYK did not.

I heard that one question KL asked Lamers during meeting, was he asked Magic if he tried to trade for KL when he left SA. He probably knew the answer... Magic said he did, of course, but the price was too exorbitant. Spurs wanted 4 picks and a bunch of players...

KL has to be thinking to himself, ďok, well, thatís the price you paid for AD. So, before you signed LeBron or traded for AD, you wouldnít pay the cost to bring me home and that meant I got shipped out of the country, banished to TOR, but now you want me to take less money to come join LJ and AD and bail you out? Come to an org with a dysfunctional owner and tenable coaching situation, to a team that hasnít made playoffs in years?Ē

I believe the meeting with LAK was a courtesy meeting, just like Perry believes his meeting with us was.

I wouldnít be shocked if he decided to join that team... but staying another year in TOR, to defend title and qualify for 10 year super max, and keeping NYC/LA options open for 12-24 months.. or going the LAC, with everything they possess (on and off the court)... those seem like the more likely scenarios.