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    Quote Originally Posted by tiger0330 View Post
    Remember Pj's first year as President and GM, after trading Chandler his first big FA move was to sign Greg Monroe to a max deal, well Monroe is out of the NBA and will play for Bayern Munich next year. His other notable signing Noah is still a FA and will probably sit at home this year collecting fat pay checks from the Knicks. The guy (Phil Jackson) set the Knicks back 5 years with that triangle offense and not recognizing the game had moved on from low post big men.
    Remember Phil’s buddy said Monroe was the ideal center for his triangle offense.


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    Quote Originally Posted by mafra View Post
    This man, right here, Dennis Smith Jr. will pretty much dictate what direction our franchise’s perception goes in as 2019 melts into 2020....

    Check out this dunk he just did:

    “The book is still out on the 21-year-old as an NBA point guard—Can he lead a contender or is he just a taller Nate Robinson?—but there's no debating he has some of the most ridiculous hops in the league. Check out his latest jaw-dropping jam:”

    If he bursts forth in his third season, D-Russell style, then the Knicks will be a 40 win - in playoff contention type of squad.

    With Randle and Mrob and the vets, with (hopefully) glimmers from the teenagers....

    Well, we would be thought of like Nets right now.

    If DSJ is Mudiay 2.0.... and KP does what he does Nov-Dec.... then, well, the mockery and derision will amplify exponentially until we break through the iron-Nickel core of rock bottom and venture into uncharted territory.

    The Knicks did sign a decent starter PG in the off-season name Elfrid Payton.
    DSJr's skills/talents are far -far away from being a NBA starter at the guard spot.
    I believe the Knicks signed SEVEN (7) FA players this off-season .. The Knicks number one dire need in the off-season were a veteran leadership PG to guide the 3rd season Frank & DSJr the ropes on running the point the next 2 seasons.
    The Knicks 2nd dire need were a veteran 2-Way performance PF like the 2 the Knicks signed in Morris & Randle.
    The best IQ PG the Knicks had on their roster the past 2 seasons were Jarrett Jack .. the Knicks signing PG Elfrid Payton in the offseason wasn't the best move, but Payton's team-ball IQ are the same as Jarrett Jack from gaining B.ball experience from moving around the league the past two seasons.
    Knicks ex-Coach Horn biggest mistake were never tandem Jack & Frank in the backcourt to run the offense/defense. The Knicks biggest need in the offseason were an experience NBA PG like CP3, or Westbrook, or Conley, or Beveley.
    Will coach Fizdale tandem Payton & Frank, or Payton & DSJr, or Frank & DSJr to run the point together in the backcourt to add successful ball-movement without turn-overs? NO! I doubt it.
    Recall .. if Fizdale start his erratic substitution changing rotation/lineups every other game the results will end the same as the 17 win season. And Mills/Perry wasn't any help with their erratic change of adding so many young raw LOW IQ PG the past 2 seasons.
    Let's hope Payton works out for a long term stay as a Knick .. because Dolan and all his GM for the past two decades failed in the PG department !!!

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