I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer but I think I know a little something about this game. Our success is tried to Frank!! This just my opinion and I know it doesn't count for much. We have too many moving part(players) and I have notice their individuality during certain time during the game. They want to be main man and bring us back. They take shoots mostly el-advise 3's and miss. We need a field general who can keep head and move the ball unselfishly. That player is Frank.

Fiz needs to stop trying to make his team a 3 point shooting team. Every team we play nom matter how poorly they shoot 3's always make more 3's than the Knicks. Go back an place Great important on taking the ball to the basket and the mid-range shoots. No chemistry in this team and it probably shouldn't be. Again, to many new players and moving parts. Who is the player that has the glue to bring us together as a team? FRANK!!

Let say this... unless something monumental happen in the way of coaching(Fiz) and better ability to recognize talent/imagination/thinking by management(Mills, Perry and C. Robinson). THIS TEAM AND MANAGEMENT IS DEAD!! It's no bring them back from the grave. From the moment when Phil walk out the door we were dead as a organization. From the moment Perry/Mills let D. Rose walk out the door they were dead as management. Most might not agree but everything they touch has been a Disaster.