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    Via Frank Isola:

    While the Knicks have spun this notion that they didn’t want meetings with either player — as well as Kawhi Leonard — a team source insists that management was “stunned and depressed” when they learned that Irving and Durant picked the other team in town.

    I believe it was Rose who said the injury changed everything. KD was coming to NYK, was lead recruiting for another co-star... after injury, Kyrie became the more vocal advocate of where to go.

    Here's what Rose thought about the Knicks' offseason and the team they've put together: "The goal is always to sign the top-tier player. If you're Duke, if you're Arizona, if you're Kentucky, you want to sign the McDonald's All-American. But if you can't do so, then you've got to recruit a team - like Gonzaga, like Michigan was doing before - where you develop the players," Rose, a Puma ambassador/consultant, said.

    "So the Knicks, of course you want to sign (Kevin Durant), of course you want to sign Kyrie (Irving). And (Durant) even talked about, he was really considering the team (the Knicks) and then he was almost the lead recruiter. To the point where when he got injured, Kyrie became the lead recruiter. And ultimately, he ended up with the Nets. They didn't know he was coming, he announced it on IG (Instagram). The Knicks were in the conversation.

    "So if you can't get those guys, to me you've got to try to get two at every position. And I like that they tried to get 10 or 12 guys that are going to show up at the game, like the Clippers did last year, like the Nets did last year, that feel like, 'I deserve to play and I'm going to play hard.' Then the coach, unlike having a No. 1 receiver per se, can spread the ball around. And then you hope to become attractive to other top-tier free agents that become available over the next couple of years. We don't know what's going to happen with the (Giannis Antetokounmpo) or Spida Mitchell (Donovan Mitchell) or a lot of guys that are going to become free agents.

    "To me, they helped stabilize their situation to the point where they're going to gain respectability. It's a team that (David Fizdale) is going to be able to coach. They're going to play hard. And then now all of a sudden, when a star player becomes available, he's going to come join their squad."

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    All I can say bout our FA off-season, and training-camp are Frank's Fiba games, Morris change of teams, and RJ having future all-star talent.

    We missed out on signing one or two of the top-5 FA guards (D.Low & Klay), plus we missed out on one of the top-3 FA SF (Kawhi or Durant), plus we missed out on one or two of the top-3 FA PF (Milsap & Horford), plus we missed out on resigning one of the top-3 FA centers DeAndre Jordan.
    Did the Knicks front-office waste $70M in the off-season on FA ???

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    Mitchell sprained his ankle in practice and may miss the opener tomorrow.

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