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    Default The Knicks Go To Player!!!

    J. Randle in the last two preseason games has shown 'HE ISN'T THE GO TO PLAYER'.

    Mudiay last year showed sign toward the end of the year to be that player. We don't have D. Rose or Beasley anymore.. PLEASE don't say RJ!! because that ain't HAPPENING NOW or in the future. What player has ice water in there vein? Trier has ice water but he isn't a team player. He's a GOAL HAWK!! Morris??? Maybe!!!

    Question: Why didn't we play some of those other rookies?? What did we have to lose?? I remember the kid Hicks from North Carolina. I asked Perry at the Hawks games last year when were we going to see Hicks? His response was 'Oh, he going to get some playing time soon'. Never saw him and now he with Hornets.

    OK, Everybody who going to be the 'GO TO GUY' in crunch time??? Tell me why!!!

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    Yknow, its funny, did KP ever hit a game winning shot?

    I can remember Melo doing it once maybe.

    RJ is going to be our go to guy. Writing him off before he ever played a regular season game is rough. When everyone else looked drained last night, RJ was smiling and looked like he was enjoying himself on the final few plays. Hes not going to tense up and choke like our other guys.

    That said, Fizdale will probably stick with our contested 3 from deep as our go to play in crunch time meaning another season of no go to guy.
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    1) Morris
    2) Dotson
    3) Catch n shoot rookie RJ Barrett
    4) Trier
    5) Ellington

    Randle is not a Finisher or closer, nor is Randle a crunch-time player !!!
    The contracts Randle & Portis receive from the Knicks in the offseason are 3 times more than their performance has ever produce.
    Don't let Randle & Portis Knicks contract fool you into thinking they are team leadership players having a high B.Ball IQ, or have a All-Star performance, both players has a steady career of being inconsistent !!!

    The Knicks are in dire need of a strategic head-coach and a creative assistant head-coach !!!

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