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Re-watching the 2nd half on DVR.

10 point comeback in the 4th quarter and then we blew a 5 point lead to lose by 4.

Our guys fought hard. Kept coming back and attacking. Lots of our guys made plays.

The truth is that weíre going to be playing at a handicap all season because our PG play is going to be the league worst. DSJ was so bad in 5 1st quarter minutes that Fizdale never played him again. Fizdale didnít even want to give Ntilikina a single minute.

Fizdale is going to be playing lineups without a true PG all season probably.

Fizdale has NO PLAYS, nor offensive-system to give to any of the Knicks 3 PG .. Its score on ISO, or score on broken plays.
DSJ should be picking n roll with Randle, Portis, and Knox to become a scoring threat.
Payton & Frank need the ball-movement to get more than one touch after they pass the ball to be effective on the offensive-end.
Knox need several design plays for his jumper and slashing to the basket.
The rookie RJ at the PG are a NO Experience JOKE for a Knick LOSS !!!
I dont believe its Fizdale orders to give rookie RJ 37 minute playingtime, or to put RJ in the starter PG spot.
Nor do I believe its Fizdale that put Frank in the DOG house.
Those are orders from upstairs in the Knicks front-office !!!