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    Default Dotson & Questions:

    Dotson during last night game went over to talk as a team leader to DSJ. Nobody else that I can tell came over to console him about how he was playing. Dotson is the starting SG from last year. He hasn't gotten off the bench until last night in the 4th quarter for 3 minute. Three minutes seen to be the most time Fiz gives to player like Dotson and Frank. If most remember the start of last year when Dotson didn't get off the bench for several games. When Fiz decided to give him minutes he became a fixture in the rotation and then started at SG.
    How did he lose his starting SG job? It definitely was thru competition. Robinson was hurt but didn't lose his starting job.
    When did he ever play over 30 minutes a game as a rookie or a 2nd year player?
    Why was his only offensive plays to come off of a pick at the 3 pt line? Never taking the ball to the basket.
    Does this cause a problem within the team? You damn right!!! If any of you ever played BB I'm quite sure you know what I'm talking about.
    Did giving a green light to Trier cause problems? Remember THJ and Burks 'Pass the damn ball'.

    The Post said that DSJ didn't even slap Frank extended hand as he was coming off the floor. I have heard(don't know for sure) that DSJ has a 'it about me' demeanor. He's got a very big ego!!! Well that ego is being tested again as it was in Dallas. Let cut our loses. New York is wrong market for him right now and someone needs to tell him.

    I know it early in the season but we all should have expected nothing good. Management sold to most fans a pretty picture about this is want we really wanted to do with this team. WE GOT THE PLAYERS WE WANTED!!! These new players are IMO are all odd pieces. Ellington and Morris could work out if we ever got a good bb system installed. The current starting lineup isn't working and I don't see it working. Randle and Bobby P. are pressing and not a good fit to play together. I would be trying to move both as soon as possible.

    Who are the players from last year team? Robinson, Knox, Dotson, Trier, Frank, Allen and DSJ. Out of the new players who could fit into that group? Ellington and Morris would be the first. A lineup of Robinson - C
    Knox - PF
    Morris - SF
    Dotson or Ellington - SG
    Frank or Allen - PG
    From what I am seeing Trier is much more effective come off the bench as the 6th man. Knox is at the PF because I believe he is more of a PF than a SF but I think he can play both. This line-up to me would have a lot more chemistry than the current line-up. NEWS FLASH --- this line-up will have it problem with limited scoring from Robinson and Frank. On the defense they will make a big different in other team offense production. Now how do you weave Randle, Portis and Gibson into the system? No I haven't forgotten who the coach is with Knicks. Other question is even if this line-up starts 'Is Fiz the right coach'?
    My gut feeling is no... under this current management. Now if management change then maybe it could be different.

    My reason for say that is this. Remember this past summer and management refuse to let Fiz address the media. Why?? Could it be that Fiz didn't go along with the decisions? 1. Did he like the idea of drafting RJ?
    2. Did he go along with the F.A signing?
    3. Where there players he would have like to kept off of last year team that weren't signed?
    4. Is this a team that he is 100% in favor of or is this someone else problems that he's got to coach?
    I remember Fiz having an all day talk with M. Beasley before last season start and FA signing. Why spend all day with a guy you don't want on your team? Beasley wasn't sign and Fiz had no go to guy for a basket if needed. I'm not a big fan of Fiz but I would love to get him into a room and have a canned conversation about everything. One of my first question would be 'you spend 3 weeks with KP and you are suppose to be this player whisper. Why didn't you see a problem with KP??

    We are surrounded by problems. Which ever way you turn we have a problem. WHAT WILL SOLVE OUR PROBLEMS???

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    The 3rd season Dotson showed great potential at becoming a consistent 2-Way performing role-player last season at the SG position for the Knicks head-coach to reward him with his time by spending some time developing Dotson's work-out sessions in the off-season. But he didnt !!!
    Dotson already has the pass-first talent to be a team-player, plus he have a nice jump-shot to go with it.

    Today, the Knicks has a Front-Office of LOSERS in clueless Mills/Perry who only care bout the development of their 3rd pick RJ Barrett from the draft. The Knicks front-office gave up on developing the rest of the young-core players on the Knick roster.
    When Mills/Perry refuse to resign starter center DeAndre Jordan to mentor 2nd season Mitch Robinson into a bona-fide NBA center, that was a Red-Flag aimed at the poor development of the Knicks young-core players.
    What sane head-coach in the NBA would give a rookie 37 minute of playing-time in every game?
    What sane head-coach would sign a FA PG Payton to $8M per to lead the point in the upcoming season, then change his mind and give the starter PG job to a rookie after a couple of preseason games?
    All that is the foolishness of the Mills/Perry show.
    Fizdale was kept clueless throughout Mills/Perry decision-making in the off-season, that's why Fizdale's first comment on the Knicks new players were stupid .. "Randle will be a great point-forward SMH!
    Dum-Dum Fiz need to know the only player on the Knicks roster having the type of skills to be a point-forward are rookie RJ Barrett.

    Recall ....
    HOF Pat Riley quitting to be the Knicks head-coach after taking the Knicks to the FINALS .. had a lot to do with NBA teams hiring one person to be the head-coach and the GM.
    The Knicks became famous in 1999 for their big physical fight between GM Grunfield vs head-coach JVG , after GM Grunfield traded Oakley & Starks for Camby & Sprewell. Nothing change .. the Knick organization (Owner, Management, Coaching, Players) hasn't been on the Same-Page to having winning seasons in a very-very long time.

    Fizdale's 17-68 losing record has prove one thing .. Fizdale is not a NBA head-coach!
    Fizdale's comedy coaching has no ball-movement in his offense for Knick players to be able to create set-plays to score.
    Fizdale has no set plan on positioning for Knick players running back on defense to defend opponents transition or half-court offense.

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    Dennis Smith Jr. to miss Knicks game after stepmother’s death

    By Marc Berman October 27, 2019 | 7:02pm | Updated

    Dennis Smith Jr.’s psyche was at an all-time low after a poor start to the regular season and being booed Saturday night.

    Now his world was rocked Sunday when his stepmother passed away. The source said Smith won’t be at Monday’s game against the Bulls and could be away from the team for days.

    It relieves coach David Fizdale of a point-guard controversy with real life hitting hard.

    With Smith having lost his way on the court, Fizdale looked like he had lost his patience with the key asset from the Kristaps Porzingis trade.

    Before the tragedy, Fizdale hinted it was time to turn to Frank Ntilikina as Elfrid Payton’s backup, giving the fans what they want.

    Smith was booed in the second half during Saturday’s home opener. The fans started chanting, “We Want Frank,’’ as Smith tried to bring the ball up-court. Talk about a home-court disadvantage.

    The Knicks, desperate for a win after an 0-3 start and facing a recent doormat in the Bulls (1-2), will likely use Payton and Ntilikina on Monday.

    Smith’s play had been alarmingly bad after a summer in which assistant coach Keith Smart visited him in North Carolina to revamp his jump shot.

    “The tweaks I made wasn’t anything major,’’ Smith said Saturday. “I know that it works. I shot the ball really well this summer. I shot it well coming into training camp. It’s taking me time to get back into it.’’

    As much as Smith worked on his shot over the summer, an NBA source said Smith, who also lost 15 pounds in the offseason, did not attend some of the Knicks’ voluntary pickup games in September before training camp. He hurt his back in the first few days of camp, costing him the first two preseason games.

    According to the NBA source, Smith may still have lingering effects of a wrist injury he suffered in Dallas and that could be affecting his shooting. Smith shot 3 of 17 in his two preseason games. In three regular-season games totaling 26 minutes, Smith is shooting 1 of 11 (9.1 percent). Teams are laying off him on the perimeter.

    Smith’s advanced stats — which Fizdale reviews closely — are awful. The Knicks are scoring just 74 points per 100 possessions with Smith on the court. They are allowing 119 points per 100 possessions with Smith.

    According to another source, Smith’s camp expressed concern to management in July after the Knicks signed Payton, at the time also a potential starting point guard who has now beaten out Smith for the job.

    Smith has newly hired reps. Last week, Smith hooked up with Raymond Brothers of Roc Nation. Multiple sources say Knicks GM Scott Perry is — not coincidently — a longtime close associate of Brothers.

    Whether Fizdale has felt extra pressure to play Smith from brass for public relations reasons is unclear. It’s well-documented Perry was not a big fan of Ntilikina coming out of the 2017 draft. Ex-Knicks executives Phil Jackson and Clarence Gaines loved Ntilikina. Mills was GM at the time and has been Ntilikina’s strongest advocate.

    “We all [talk to him],’’ Taj Gibson said before knowing of Smith’s family tragedy. “It’s a growing thing. He’s a young man growing into a new role. You always get thrown curve balls. You have to adjust, learn on the fly and find his game and rhythm.’’

    The Knicks have other issues, but straightening out the point-guard rotation mess is paramount.

    “That’s the battle,’’ Fizdale said. “You’re trying to stay competitive in the game and at the same time you’re trying to give [Smith] enough time to fight his way into rhythm. But ultimately I always pick trying to win over that right now.’’

    Fizdale has been skewered on social media for looking baffled by the rotation. Fizdale is known as a strong leader/motivator, but his experiments with rookie RJ Barrett at point guard hasn’t worked. Barrett’s been much better as the shooting guard.

    Fizdale has had a history of not trusting Europeans, but his lack of faith in Ntilikina is beyond startling. Ntilikina played just the final 2:40 of the season opener in San Antonio, did not play at all in Brooklyn and played the final 14 seconds of the first half in the Boston mess.

    The Knicks, who made strong rallies to take the lead in the fourth quarters of their first two games, have other concerns.

    They’ve committed 51 total turnovers in the past two outings. Julius Randle, their No. 1 option, has sputtered in two straight uneven outings, totaling 11 turnovers. With Randle one of the culprits, the club has been isolation heavy and lacking crisp ball movement.

    Against Boston, the Knicks allowed 72 second-half points and looked like they quit as the Celtics danced about the Garden.

    “Losing is frustrating, but you never want to see the other team celebrating ,’’ Gibson said. “We can live with games like when we put in a lot of work but [Saturday] was really frustrating knowing how we compete hard in practice, to let one go like that, we got to take more pride and bounce back.”

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    I'll quote Gil Brandt again: "The best way to not having a QB controversy is by not having a QB controversy".
    The PG problem is at the doorstep of Perry and Perry ONLY. Question - Why didn't they look more closely at DSJ as a player and person. It was obviously something wrong from his problems in Dallas. Now the real ANSWER-- Perry hates anything that can remotely be tired to Phil & Gaines. That is why the problems with Frank, Dotson, Kornet, D. Rose and Beasley. He doesn't have Phil fame and fortune and he hates it.

    Perry has bought us to a very low place as a team and for fans. Perry/Mills must GO. Bring back Phil and Gaines to straight this mess out. As for those that go along with it. This Question -- When did Phil EVER take us to this low??? Post back with an answer.

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