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    Quote Originally Posted by mafra View Post
    Joe Vardon

    Cavs’ Austin Carr on the Knicks: ‘If you look at their players, they’re rejects from other teams.’

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    Anybody would like to have Phil and Gaines BACK!!!
    Not sure if any of you in this forum was glad to see Phil go. I guess now you can see KP, MRob, Knox, Dotson and Frank on the front together instead of what you have on the floor now. Being able to see what Phil saw was a problem for most people. Of course, there are some that concern themself smarter than Phil and Gaines. Well, I have seen it.

    If we are going to hope for anything from Dolan that should be he finally sees what Phil and Gaines tried to do with the team. There was a snake in Phil surrounding and poison the water for Dolan. Now Dolan see the snake and know he has made a horrible mistake.

    Now for all of you that believe the hype and B.S. surrounding our #3 draft pick. If you have wake up then last night definitely should have done it. Dotson should be playing starting SG. Got that out of the way. There was mention the pipe dream sold to fans about #1 and F.A. Everybody was jumping up and down and saying YEAH!! As you know or didn't know it was the wrong time to tank. The year before was the time....if it is a right time. Just like the failures of getting the #1 pick was the failure to trade back. A weak draft only makes players that should be draft in the high teen and 20's flow to the top of the draft board. Players like Jaxon Hayes, Eric Paschall, Walker Kid and Mfiondu Kal should have been our targets. Young players that are hungry for playing time. Filling the roster with players that we are going to develop and keep by paying them with the cap money. First of all you have to know talent. Question: Do you think Mills and Perry knows more about talent than Phil and Gaines? If you think the first two does then you deserve the state that this team is in now.

    Let's hope that Dolan get on his private plane and goes to Jackson Hole, Wy. and if he has too get on his knee and beg Phil to come back. Then go to LA and talk to Gaines. Gentlemen, if anybody in this forum sees a better way to stop the bleeding of this team and better people to solve the problem. Let hear it... I'm all ears.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Broadway View Post
    I get a feeling Dolan knows days are numbered of just taking fans for granted they'll show up to the Garden no matter what while the cost is Sky High. The average ticket price to MSG is $190.00(possibly higher this season)

    This is asinine and no way knowledgable fans would keep showing up at this premium for this product. Only dummies would do this unless their entire mission is to attend to booooo, cuhz rest assured this team is going to giv every reason to do so, and even one has to ask "at what cost?"
    really... how long has the team sucked??? and how many times has the garden not been SRO?? - so i guess what u are saying is that knicks fans are 'unknowledgable' and 'dummies' - i'm not sure which one i am... my wife says both...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mafra View Post
    CLE rag laughing at Knicks... this was Cavs 11th straight win at MSG... I guess that didn’t motivate this team to show up today. Well, they all probably partied hard Sat night and basked in their DAL glory...

    Heck, even Garland is showing up RJ now...

    “Scouting. Player development. Culture. Coaching. Front office decision-making. It all matters.

    The Cavs won their second straight game Sunday night, crushing the Knicks 108-87 at famed Madison Square Garden. It’s 11 straight victories for Cleveland at MSG, the longest streak ever recorded by a visiting team. In the process, the Cavs also showed that their renaissance appears much closer than New York’s.

    Two draft picks serve as a prime example.

    In 2018, after some deliberation, the Cavs’ scouting department chose point guard Collin Sexton over swingman Kevin Knox, who went one pick later to the Knicks at No. 9. Sexton still remembers Knox as the player who received an invite to the Rising Stars Challenge instead of him. Sexton used it as fuel during a second-half flurry to finish fifth in Rookie of the Year voting. He’s shown no signs of slowing down in his sophomore season.

    Knox, on the other hand, was statistically the NBA’s worst player last year and is off to a rough start.

    Every youngster evolves at a different rate. But Sexton seems to have lapped his draft classmate, with Sunday night providing new evidence.

    Neither Cleveland nor New York won the Williamson sweepstakes a few months back. The New Orleans Pelicans flew up the draft board, snagging the exciting high-flyer from Duke whose rookie campaign has been sabotaged because of a knee injury. The Knicks landed at No. 3, picking Williamson’s Blue Devil teammate, RJ Barrett.

    The teenager has enjoyed bright moments this season, looking like a key piece of the Knicks’ future. Sunday night was not one of them. Barrett, plagued by foul trouble, tallied just nine points on 4-of-11 from the field.

    Cavs rookie guard Darius Garland followed up his breakout game against Washington with another solid all-around game. He reached double-digits in scoring for the second game in a row. He also dished out a team-best six assists, tying his career-best mark set Friday.

    It was only one game between the two top-5 picks. There’s another coming next week. And more after that. It’s too early to make any call either way. For the season, both Garland and Barrett are averaging at least 8.0 points and 3.0 assists -- two of the three rooks with those marks. No. 2 overall pick Ja Morant of the Grizzlies is the other.

    The other layer to the plan, putting veterans around the young core to provide stability and guidance, points the Cavs’ direction as well. The Knicks went all-in on free agency, creating massive cap space to lure the likes of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. Instead, they were forced to hand out bloated contracts to other teams’ rejects -- Bobby Portis, Julius Randle, Taj Gibson, Marcus Morris Sr. and Wayne Ellington.

    The Cavs have been anchored by Tristan Thompson and Kevin Love, two champions who have set the tone on and off the floor each day. Jordan Clarkson and Matthew Dellavedova are key contributors for the second unit. Cleveland continues to wait on John Henson to get healthy again.

    Being better than the woeful, directionless Knicks is not the goal. But these two teams, for a variety of different reasons, were essentially side by side last season. Look at them now. Which team seems better positioned moving forward? The final score Sunday night wasn’t even necessary to answer that question.

    The Knicks were booed off their home floor. Those Bronx cheers started at the 6:48 mark of the third quarter when the Cavs’ lead ballooned to 26 points.

    The boos continued into the fourth quarter while the final seconds were ticking away. Well, from the fans who stuck around until the end, anyway.

    The same night the Knicks beat the Mavs, happen to be the same night the Cavs veteran-players stepped-up their level of performance to blow-out the Wizards in the first half of the game for a easy Cavs win in Washington DC.
    Last night the Cavs 2nd unit players were just as devastating as the Cavs starter-unit on the defensive-end of the court holding the Knicks poor offensive FG shooting to 30%, and less than 30% shooting from the 3 ball line.
    Was Randle the PG for the Knicks last night? Randle did bring the ball up-court more than Frank.
    The Knicks LOSS had a lot to do with the Morris & Randle's ISO ball-hogging show on practically every offensive-possession in the game, I don't recall either Randle/Morris screening or picking or boxing-out for any of their teammates last night. And Fizdale did nothing to stop Randle & Morris ball-hogger charade as if they were the Knicks guards.
    Our clueless head-coach #1 plan for the Cavs team should have been letting our 6.7 tandem guards Frank & RJ go one on one against Cavs small guards Sexton & Garland.
    Who coach this Knicks 108-87 LOSS ???

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