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    Default Dealing with the likes of a Ben Simmons:

    There is an article about how Fiz defend Ben Simmon in the N.Y. Post I think. Well this is why trading back in 2018 draft was important. Most of you will remember a player that was falling before the draft and during draft night. That player was Micheal Porter Jr. Before the draft I said we should trade back with Clippers for there 2 first round picks. This to my idea would have solve the problem we current problem with how to defend Ben and other. I had envision a lineup of Robinson, Kp, Knox, Porter and Frank. For those that are of the opinion we should kept our pick #3 in a weak draft(2019). This what should have been done in a strong draft(2018). Porter Jr isn't playing and maybe available for someone like DSJ. Trading one back injury for another one. Some may think that it a gamble but DSJ isn't a good fit for the Knicks. The team plays better with Frank so should be looking for someone bring Frank energy.
    Porter Jr is just one of many players I think we should target.
    The above ideas & opinions are just want I see nothing more. I could be wrong but could be right. Of course there is that period of adjustments and chemistry. Well, just look at the possibility.

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    I’m not sure what’s going in Denver, but I’d be shocked if they would be willing to trade MPJ for a return as small as DSJ. If they would, I’d jump on it in a heartbeat.

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